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“There is so much lightweight, misleading, historically inaccurate and politicised material around that purports to be 'education' about antisemitism. It's immensely refreshing to finally have a curriculum like this which shows how it can be done so much better... The diversity of the material marshalled and the way the issues are presented demonstrates an open-minded approach which gets people thinking for themselves and not merely, passively receiving a rigid narrative. The discussion topics are very well chosen, giving plenty of opportunity to participants to find an opportunity to add their thoughts and learn from others. However, it quite appropriately points people in the right direction on some of the major distortions much antisemitism education presents as fact: such as the eternalist understanding of antisemitism....Great credit due to all who put so much work into this.” –

Antony Lerman,

author, 'Whatever Happened to Antisemitism?: Redefinition and the Myth of the 'Collective Jew’


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Antisemitism From A Framework Of Collective Liberation,

by Nina Mehta and Donna Nevel

Meals during Ramadan aim to build bridges in South Florida 

Miami Herald

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