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Project Team

The curriculum was created by PARCEO together with many educators, scholars, and activists.  


PARCEO is an education, resource, and research center rooted in principles of Participatory Action Research (PAR)  and popular education. PARCEO works with a range of organizations and institutions seeking to strengthen and deepen educational, organizing, research, and cultural work for justice. 


Our commitment to community education

Community education is integral to our work for justice. Community activists, educators, and organizers have developed many different rich curricula and resources. These curricula and resources are created to deepen and strengthen our knowledge, analysis, and actions challenging different forms of injustice that are both unique and inter-connected. Our hope is that this project on challenging antisemitism will contribute to the broader effort of envisioning how we can collectively achieve justice and true dignity for all peoples. Increasingly and in new, creative, bold ways, social movements are connecting with one another to deepen and strengthen collective work for justice. 

Project coordinators and PARCEO’s co-directors:  Nina Mehta and Donna Nevel


Project Advisors: Morgan Bassichis, Ellen Brotsky, Sheryl Nestel,  Mark Tseng-Putterman, Rabbi Brant Rosen, Abby Saul, Rebecca Vilkomerson, Lesley Williams 


Community Reviewers:  Ujju Aggarwal, Aisha al-Adawiya, Jamil Dakwar, Nyle Fort, Andrew Kadi, Robin D.G. Kelley,  Lara Kiswani, Darakshan Raja, Samia Shoman.


Website design: Pedro Corrales


Home page: The photos on the homepage include participants in PARCEO’s roundtable conversations and interviews created for the curriculum.

Curriculum Facilitators

Nina Mehta is a community educator and co-director of PARCEO from New York City. She has taught in public schools in NYC and Durham, NC, at NYU and Boricua College, and has been part of many alternative and participatory education projects. She works with a wide range of groups on collaborative research, rethinking ethnography, cultural, and media projects and facilitates workshops and events. She supports groups as they work through their internal processes and facilitates workshops and large-scale events to elevate participatory, creative, and horizontal engagement. She comes from families that are first generation Bombay Jain immigrants, and longtime New York City Jewish educators and social justice advocates.

Donna Nevela community psychologist and educator, is co-director of PARCEO. She taught Participatory Action Research (PAR) for many years at NYU Steinhardt  School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and at Bank Street Graduate School of Education. She has directed educational programs with public schools, a Head Start Center, and with immigrants’ rights and racial justice groups. She has worked with Jewish and other social justice initiatives, locally, nationally, and globally. She has taught and offered facilitation in different educational settings, including workshops, university classes, K-12 classes, and conferences and retreats, and conducts “train the trainers” for facilitators. Having grown up in South Florida in a family steeped in Jewish cultural, religious, and social justice traditions, her commitments have reflected that foundation. 


Lesley Williams is a librarian, writing instructor, discussion facilitator and racial equity advocate based in Evanston Illinois. As a public librarian she initiated and co-lead community discussions on dismantling racism; and she has consulted with library systems and schools on creating racially diverse and inclusive collections, staff and services. She has led and trained facilitators  for local racial justice and environmental justice  book discussion and reviews African American and Palestinian literature for Booklist magazine. She has presented at numerous library conferences, school and community equity trainings; at the American Studies Association, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and on Worldview. Her writing has appeared in Truthout,  Mondoweiss and AWBC Magazine.

and others coming soon!

Next steps 

 Our facilitators can offer workshops or classes in your schools, institutions, and communities. Please reach out to us at for more information.


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